Toledo Power Co.

Toledo Power Co. (TPC) owns and operates an 82 MW coal-fired power plant in Daanlungsod, and a 40 MW diesel-fired power plant located in Carmen—all in Toledo City, Cebu.

Originating as the power generation facility of Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation (ACMDC) back in the 1960’s, TPC presently serves the power supply requirements of Toledo City, effectively boosting economic activities, particularly in mining, retail shopping, banking, restaurants, and other commercial establishments.

TPC supports the expansion of Carmen Copper Corporation’s mining operations, as well as the major industries in Western Cebu by providing additional power supply through its 82 MW expansion plant which commenced commercial operations on December 26, 2014.

  BrgyDaanlungsod, Toledo City, Cebu 6038

  (6332) 322 5803 to 04

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